interra - QC Challenges in HDR

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While HDR offerings appear to expand and provide the consumer with a more enriching and satisfying viewing experience, they also pose challenges in the interim wherein standards are still being developed and all the components of the production and broadcast flow may not always be on the same page. Therefore, development and adaption of viable video QC is crucial in the evolving ecosystem, where issues with interoperability could impact optimal viewing performance. In this webinar, you will learn about:


  • A brief overview of the UHDTV ecosystem and different variants of HDR

  • Issues with interoperability and its implications on optimal viewing performance

  • Latency and packet loss in HDR content

  • Monitoring and maintaining Video Quality (VQ) in a diverse HDR ecosystem

  • HDR video analysis in BATON





Join us for a live webinar:


Thursday, Feb 21, 2019
8:30 AM PST - 9.30 AM PST



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Advait Mogre
CTO, Interra Systems

Saurabh Jain
Product Specialist,
Interra Systems

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