Auto QC in the Digitization Workflow


Auto QC in the Digitization Workflow

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Auto QC in the Digitization Workflow
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Over the years, content creators and broadcasters have accumulated large libraries of assets in analog formats. The digitization of these assets is critical in order to preserve and monetize them in today’s digital workflows while optimizing the space and operational costs. The digitized asset, however,
is only as good as the digitization or the archiving process. If the process is faulty in anyway, the loss is immense – priceless assets will be lost forever. Manual or eyeball QC of the ingested content is unreliable and is fraught with errors.

To overcome all the shortcomings, auto QC is now an essential and central part of the digitization workflow. Using the right auto QC tool during the archiving process helps detect these complex analog errors more accurately and reliably, and enables you to preserve and deliver high quality of the generated content. This paper explores some of the checks in depth and how auto QC is being deployed in the digitization workflows.
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the White Paper
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