Imagine the benefits by having two LSM operators working from a single XT3 server.


Imagine the benefits by having two LSM operators working from a single…

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EVS | Dual-LSM

Dual-LSMImagine the benefits by having two LSM operators working from a single XT3 server.

With Multicam 14.01, the software engine behind the XT3, you get exactly that -- two operators with the ability to configure their own personal settings and map their specific camera angles preferences independently of one another, all on one server. When fully utilizing the server’s 12 channels, recorded cameras can be attributed to either LSM operator with ease. 

Dual-LSM mode not only increases flexibility and ease of use, but the ever-important ROI.  Another reason why XT3 is a smart investment.
Henry Alexander, EVS’ SVP of market and product puts it this way: “EVS is always coming up with new ways customers can get more from their XT3 servers, and the Dual-LSM mode is a perfect example– more channel support and more configuration flexibility, as well as more ROI thanks to its increased productivity.”

Get a live demo of the new Dual LSM feature at IBC at booth B90 hall 8.

Free pass  or  Book a demo 
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