VEGA Vista | MPEG-2 TS Analyzer


VEGA Vista | MPEG-2 TS Analyzer

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VEGA Vista is a high-perofrmance MPEG-2 transport stream analyzer that enables media and broadcasting professionals involved in R&D and QA to expedite analysis and validation of MPEG-2 transport streams and deliver better quality video. It is an essential tool for integration and interoperability testing of MPEG-2 systems. Off-line analysis affords deep visibility into MPEG-2 TS streams and root cause analysis for a number of errors that can cause problems related to transmission or audio video quality.


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VEGA Vista


VEGA Vista, running as a docker-based application in the cloud, or on-premises, is an indispensable tool for quality assurance of MPEG streams enabling broadcasters and video equipment providers to verify large amount of MPEG-2 transport streams. It can be used at various points in the workflow for compressed video quality, compliance, and interoperability. In addition, the analyzer is capable of checking for buffer underflow or overflow conditions, which can cause transmission issues, speeding up content validation tasks and increasing workflow efficiency.


VEGA Vista Highlights

  • The software can be used in command line mode or in the cloud in a docker/container format

  • Extraction of elementary streams through command line for quick analysis of high-level data of video streams

  • Analysis based on Error numbers and number of TS packets

  • Assure standard compliance and interoperability with navigation down to the deepest levels of an encoded stream

  • Buffer analysis of media streams results in high-quality media delivery

  • Fast and accurate debugging through comprehensive reports in minutes


VEGA Vista Standards Support

  • Elementary Video Streams - MPEG-2,HEVC, H264, Dolby AC3/DDPlus

  • Container Formats - MPEG-2 TS

  • For Buffer Analysis - T-STD, Elementary video streams


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