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EVS NAB 2016

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EVS | Invitation

We invite you to visit EVS at NAB 2016 to experience the latest storytelling tools for live, HD through UHD-4K productions as well as interoperable solutions to enable the transition to IP.

Partnering with one of sport’s leading governing bodies, EVS will immerse show-goers in a true live multimedia experience. On the interactive basketball court, you’ll see how in-game action is captured through eight-camera recording, live replay production, performance review, content packaging with EVS’ DYVI switcher and multimedia distribution with the FanCast content distribution platform. 

Introduced for the first time, EVS’ booth will feature its own production truck set up at the booth. Here, you’ll see integrated live solutions enabled by EVS’ latest Multicam engine software to drive more creative storytelling and dramatically improve production control.

EVS is extending the XT3’s successful 6U ChannelMAX mode with a new 4U offering, enabling customers to double the channel density of their live production server to eight or 12 channels respectively, and beyond.  Featuring the widest native codec and format support available for HD and UHD-4K operations – including SuperMotion camera support -- ChannelMAX-enabled systems will continue to expand through Multicam engine software updates and grow alongside customers’ needs. 


NAB 2016 marks the introduction of the XS3 media production server. Providing improved content management and greater production integration, the XS3 expands from two to 12 channels as required and features the widest native codec and format support available for HD and UHD-4K operations. The XS3’s integrated dual key and fill dual capability opens up increased density for graphics playback enablement, providing up to six channel pairs for playback of staged graphic sequences. XS3 takes your studio TD control to the next level. 

C-Next is the new contribution platform enabling full bi-directional workflows between live event production teams. With C-Next, your crews located at venues and at broadcast centers will have the collaborative power to access, review, and exchange media – in full concert.

EVS’ IP4Live strategic approach lets users benefit from IP-based workflows while preserving their existing investments. Interoperable solutions from EVS include the XiP media gateway for expanding IP capabilities of the XT3 and XS3 media production servers and the DYVI IT-based switcher. As a member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), EVS will demonstrate its support for the adoption, standardization and development of open protocols for media through a series of interoperable live workflow demonstrations presented with other AIMS members on the NAB show floor.
We look forwarding to having you join us on booth SL3816 for these immersive demonstrations, to learn more about our new products and participate in the launch of a very special year-long event.
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To register for a free pass for the NAB show, please register online on using the get free pass button.
Select NAB non-member > Exhibits only and then apply the discount code LV5676


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