IP4Live 2016: progress in managing the IP transition


IP4Live 2016: progress in managing the IP transition

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IP4Live 2016: progress in managing the IP transition


Monday 27th June 2016 - 1500hrs BST (16:00 CET)

A year is a long time in the broadcast industry, and in the 12 months since EVS introduced IP4Live, its strategic approach to the IP transition, some important progress has been made.
Recognising the significance of open standards-based solutions for interoperability, EVS joined forces with other industry leaders through the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) initiative to ensure an easier transition to IP for broadcasters.

Throughout 2015 and the beginning of 2016, several landmark demonstrations of EVS solutions involving IP4Live are offering tangible and practical examples of migrating to IP – including the high-profile VRT Sandbox project – as well as joint interoperability demonstrations with other AIMS members, including Cisco and Imagine Communications.

In this webinar, James Stellpflug, VP Product Marketing at EVS, will expand on how solutions born out of IP4Live, such as the XiP option for EVS live production servers, can bring the benefits of IP-based workflows to live production while preserving customers’ investments in existing production infrastructure. 

James will also explain how IP4Live extends to content aggregation and enrichment, providing new approaches to building media data centres, as well as multi-purpose content distribution; making it easier and cheaper to share content between the venue and broadcast centre and ultimately with the connected consumer.

Biography : James Stellpflug, VP product marketing at EVS

James has more than two decades of industry experience including facility design and integration, mobile satellite communication, and mobile TV production, with roles that had him overseeing several major technology transitions, including migrations from analogue to digital, SD to HD, and more recently from linear to cloud and VoD distribution.  

He has designed and operated production trucks, as well as consulted on developments of early NLE news editing platforms. James has been with EVS Broadcast Equipment since 2000, serving in various roles from technical operations management and programme management to his current role of global VP, product marketing.

During his tenure with EVS, James has been involved with teams that have earned awards including a Technical Emmy for EVS Super Motion systems, as well as a Sports Emmy for involvement in Olympics coverage. James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Technology Management (Engineering emphasis) from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and is a member of SMPTE, SBE and PMI.
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