EVS XT4K UHD-4K Server


EVS XT4K UHD-4K Server

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For the most reliable and fastest 4K replay solution, look to the new EVS XT4K server
The XT4K is a dedicated 4K server, enabling up to four channels of 4K in flexible in/out combinations for powering complete media control from ingest to playout.

With full support of SuperMotion cameras, native XAVC-4K Intra encoding and decoding, live editing, slowmotion replays, multi-channel playback, and XNet transfer options, the XT4K becomes the ultimate live 4K content enabler.  And unlike other systems, the XT4K makes expansion of your onboard storage easy, and doesn’t require complex SAN interconnections or clustering. 

  • Dedicated 4-channel, 4K server
  • Controlled by EVS LSM for advanced replay and editing
  • Native XAVC-4K support with path to future codecs
  • HDR content support

See our brochure for more technical specifications.



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