Package 14.02 & 15.00 – August 2016


Package 14.02 & 15.00 – August 2016

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Package 14.02 & 15.00 – August 2016

Dear EVS Operator,

Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:





Multicam 15.00The latest update to Multicam introduces major new features, headlined by a brand new Multiviewer that includes tally support and up to 4 individual Multiviewer outputs and 2 external inputs. This provides increased flexibility and visual feedback to operators.

On the engineering side, Multicam 15.00 now incorporates PC LAN redundancy, including DHCP functionality.


XNet Monitor has also been updated to take account of the enhancements that have been made to EVS server hardware and software. It is now possible to see network information for PC LAN and GbE connections on the server, and add hosts to the XNet Monitor based on their Host Name. All this gives you a better overall view on the status of your machines whilst in operation or when preparing a setup.




LSM Connect

LSM Connect 2.06 has been updated to help you streamline workflows – particularly when creating, tagging and searching for content. There is enhanced visual feedback for clip locations and server capacity as well as the possibilities to flag playlists for archive, and select an EVS server to push your clips to.

XFile 3

XFile 3’s headline new feature is the introduction of the Media Manager tab, which enables operators to manage, organise and transfer content between local/network drives and EVS servers. Using the Media Manager tab, it’s now even easier to streamline workflows between locations, studios and OB trucks.

Epsio Zoom

The latest version of Epsio Zoom introduces a new Keyframe Mode to enable the operator to quickly produce a highlight sequence which follows a player or object in action. The operator adds a series of keyframes, and the software then fills in the gaps – interpolating the size and location of the zoom area across the selected media.


MultiReview 1.7Improvements to the MultiReview interface mean that more record channels can be displayed, and the number of possible layouts has also been increased. It’s now also possible to view selected MultiReview clips or playlist elements in an external player.





The latest release of IPDirector contains a number of improvements, most notably the addition of the IPDirector Archive Module. This enables archive and restore operations to/from nearline storage directly from IPDirector. In particular, restore functionality is enhanced – giving new options to make archive material available.

Ingest Funnel

Ingest FunnelThe latest version of Ingest Funnel adds new ingest sources and now makes it possible to select source clips into a storyboard before ingesting, ensuring that only relevant material needs to be brought into your system.




EVS’s new DYVI production suite is a flexible, scalable IT-based switcher system designed to go beyond the constraints of traditional, hardware-based desk design.

DYVI is driven from Control Panels, behind which sit Processing Modules which contain all the video-processing resources.

This architecture means that your DYVI setup can easily expand or contract to suit the exact requirements of your production. In any configuration, DYVI offers the most powerful DVEs in the switcher industry and a range of unique pre-built effects and creative tools.
Using DYVI, all switching and control can be done remotely, live, in real-time and uncompressed. The system already supports 4K UHD workflows and its upgradeable GPU-based video processing means that it can quickly adapt to future formats.



Empower yourselfTRAINING NEWS

EVS offers a wide range of training opportunities - for freelancers or in-house crews - in a wide range of locations across the world. You can get all the information you need on the newly refreshed Training page of the EVS website – including course descriptions and booking details.

A full range of manuals, guides and updates is available from the Download area of the new EVS website. If you don’t already have an EVS login, you’ll be invited to create a personal EVS account, to help ensure that you’re kept up to date with only the most relevant information and updates. This will also allow you to download all the information you need, completely free of charge.

​For more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at:
There’s also a wide range of training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides on our website:



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