EVS presents Immersive Live – the viewing experience of the future at NAB 2017


EVS presents Immersive Live – the viewing experience of the future at …

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EVS Presents Immersive Live at NAB
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Immersive Live is EVS’ vision for the viewing experience of the future, where consumers can use any screen to engage with live content including UHD-4K, 360 degree, augmented and contextual replays. To shape this new viewing experience, EVS has developed an ecosystem of Connected Live technology and Creative Live tools.

Be the first to see it at NAB 2017 on booth SL3816 in South Hall Lower.
Connected Live
Live IP infrastructure and future workflow management
Connected Live is a fully integrated EVS-based ecosystem that enables users to build solid and future-proof IP production infrastructures and create new multi-site collaborative workflows.

Through our smart transition to IP technology, IP4Live, broadcasters and media organisations can benefit from streamlined media processing and management.

Connected Live solutions on the show floor

XT4K – EVS’ UHD-4K live production server offering versatile connectivity and unique flexibility. It gives users the freedom to choose between 12G-SDI on a single wire or quad-link 3G-SDI, as well as native IP support.

DYVI – EVS’ fully-flexible and stackable software-defined video switcher that easily adapts to any production requirement, from a simple single-user system to a multi-user, multi-site network.

C-Next, Connected Agent and XFile3 – EVS’ new file-based media exchange and monitoring platform connects sites and encourages collaborative workflows during live production.

Live IP for SMPTE 2110 interoperability – As an early member of the AIMS Alliance and sponsor of a common language for IP, EVS will demonstrate the adoption of SMPTE 2110 at the AIMS booth (N4824).

Elastic Production – EVS will reveal virtualization innovations that inspire a new way of handling complex video workflows. ‘Elastic production’ solutions leverage the use of COTS hardware, maximize existing investments and deploy open standards supported by AIMS and SMPTE.

Creative Live
Toolset and models for better, faster live storytelling
EVS’ Creative Live empowers directors and operators to further enhance live productions by connecting them to all media sources. This enables the creation of more replays that can be enriched with high-end on-screen effects.

Creative Live solutions on the show floor

XT4K – Delivering four channels of uncompressed UHD-4K or 12 channels or more of HD/1080p, EVS’ flagship server comes with 10-bit HDR support, making it the smartest way to protect your investments while delivering tomorrow’s viewing experiences.

DYVI – This GPU-based, software-defined video switcher unlocks your creativity with intuitive control and has the ability to combine panels and process modules in infinite combinations.

IPWeb and Xplore – New collaborative tools that let creative teams instantly access any media assets, even remotely, reducing time-consuming searches and media processing operations in the live environment.

Augmented Replay – The latest 360 motion replay and effects telestration delivers more engaging live content to viewers with an entirely new perspective on the action.

Social media publishing – Grow audience reach and engagement with IPDirector’s new instant social media publishing feature. In just one click, you can publish video and associated metadata directly onto social networks.

Daily live demo and snacks starting at 12.30pm

From Monday to Wednesday at 12.30pm on the EVS booth, we’ll present a daily live demo session ’From Connected to Creative Live’. Join us to find out how EVS technology is designing the immersive viewing experience of the future and enjoy free snacks and refreshments while you’re there. 

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