EVS - IBC 2017. 15-17 September / Booth 8.B90


EVS - IBC 2017. 15-17 September / Booth 8.B90

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EVS | Invitation

At IBC2017 EVS will showcase the latest innovations in live production technology that guarantee the most reliable and advanced live replays in the marketplace and provide unmatched flexibility for production teams to adapt swiftly to changing production requirements. We will also present a smart transition to IP that enables stakeholders to benefit from streamlined media workflows without having to abandon current infrastructure.

Smart, practical innovations in action

IP routing, orchestration and monitoring

Introducing S-CORE MASTER, the new broadcast controller application from EVS that gives engineers better visibility of all end points within an IP-connected network and acts as its central orchestrator. The system uses SDN control methods to manage latency-sensitive live media and allows engineers to communicate with entire IP infrastructures at once.

Following its successful deployment by Cisco TV for the live production of Cisco Live 2017, S-CORE MASTER will be implemented into IBC TV’s live, fully IP-based production workflow.

 Unified live production

EVS will also present X-ONE, a new all-in-one toolset that delivers the signature speed and reliability of its technology to small and mid-sized, six-camera productions. The new system is built with EVS’ software-defined technology foundation and puts all of the capabilities of a control room in the hands of one production operator – all controlled from the solution’s touchscreen.


 Live production over IP and UHD-4K with HDR

EVS’ XT4K and XS4K live production servers are providing more opportunities with updates that bring native support of the SMPTE 2110 IP standard. The flexible HD,1080p,UHD-4K servers offer a solution for any production infrastructure whether SDI or native IP.

 Cloud-based connected workflows

As part of EVS’ Connected Live ecosystem, Connected Agent enables quick and easy exchange of live media assets between OB facilities on-site and remote production teams.

The exchange of live video assets between different sites can be monitored and controlled using EVS’ cloud-based platform C-Next. Combining this with Connected Agent breaks down the traditional barriers of production and unites people to ensure more efficient production and better storytelling.

 Multimedia news production

With IPDirector, EVS’ live production asset management (PAM) suite, production teams can instantaneously control live video assets in a decentralized workflow. The solution guarantees interoperability with third-party NRCS and automation systems and has been expanded to deliver content to any connected device though social media workflows.

 Distributed and elastic live production switching

The DYVI live production switcher from EVS goes far beyond the traditional limits of the classic switcher design. It’s based on an elastic, IP-centric software fabric that allows its users to add virtually unlimited contextual features – effects and layers that are no longer tied to hardware – and to easily scale up or down processing as they see fit. The switcher’s capacity can be extended by simply adding extra panels and GPU enabled processing modules or IP-connected pannels. Thus, DYVI can offer distributed switching that bolsters your creative power.

 From the lab

At IBC2017 EVS will demonstrate the innovations of its R&D with proof-of-concepts recently deployed at some of this summer's biggest events. On display will be EVS’ 360 Motion Replay system, which gives operators spatial and temporal control of 360-degree camera feeds so that they can create slow motion replays from any number of virtually-created camera angles.

Innovative AI-powered auto-framing and social media publishing functions incorporating machine-learning technology will also be demonstrated. The artificially intelligent system automatically adapts the frame-view within live content and can post it directly to an operator’s social media channels.

Our R&D team will also show some of the new user interfaces and data engines that will empower operators to interact with live content in new ways.

Where to find us

 Booth 8.B90, hall 8, RAI Amsterdam

Free pass

 To attend IBC2017 for free, simply log on and enter the code 3490 before Tuesday 12 September.


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